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Swim With Us

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Beautiful, mysterious, wild & free like the sea.




The result driven Barre Fitness Method by 

makes waves with Monofin Propulsion & Zero Impact

training in this exclusive aquatic wellness program. 





Swim Like A 


Class Services 

Look and feel like a real mermaid!    Exciting classes available for many ages including Mermaid Swimming, Fitness and Parties. Use a monofin

with a gorgeous mermaid tail or aqua mermaid leggings to splash & swim!


MerSwim: group Monofin swimming

Beach Barre: Barre Beachside 

MerSoiree: Mermaid parties

MerFit: Group Monofin Fitness 

Barre Aqua: Pool Barre Fitness

MerSocials: Social Appearances 

Barre Sup: Paddle board barre fit

Mertography: Mermaid Photo shoot

Mertreat: Mermaid Lagoon retreat

Barre Body Scuplting

    Lagoon  &  Beach 

Mermaid Style

Get MerFit with our swimable Mermaid Tails, Leggings & Monofins!



Swim at a certified merquatics Lagoon

Dive in at one of our gorgeus certified MerQuatics Lagoons and swim live with the Mermaids!!! Come for a class or fall in love and extend your stay at the lagoon to enjoy a variety of our aquatic services! Plan a whimsical party, book a retreat with friends, and sculpt your muscles with our mermaid barre fitness classes in the pool, beachside or on a paddle board. Best of all, swim & get fit with the gorgeous Merquatics Mermaids!!! 

Transform into a Merquatics Lagoon

Make a splash and turn your boutique commercial property or hospitality vessel

into a certified luxurious MerQuatics Lagoon! Leave your guests wanting more with excitement as they experience this unique novelty program during their vacation! Women and children will make everlasting memories swimming with real mermaids & spread the word of their glorious travels to your venue!

 Transform Into A   MerLeader 

Inspire women in your sea with passion for aquatic wellness & mermaid culture by becoming a

Certified MerQuatics Mermaid

Dive in and become a certified MerQuatics Mermaid Ambassador! Share the treasures of Mermaiding with other women and children. Learn all the latest techniques to become a superior fitness instructor leading inspirational classes and parties that will make everlasting memories. Join in on our next certification retreat! 



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